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Free Software to Identify Files Requiring an Excess Amount of Hard Drive Space

Even modern hard drives can experience performance problems due to the presence of large folders or files that require an excessive amount of memory. WizzTree will help users identify which programs are impeding processing power and causing memory issues.

Main Functions and Features

WizzTree is very efficient in regards to how it finds large files that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. It provides the user with a "Treemap" which clearly highlights areas associated with a sizeable memory allocation. There are additional functions which will prove beneficial if you are experiencing performance issues.Some of these include a quick filename search, a visual "map" to spot suspect files and the ability to read MFT files directly from NTFS hard drives.

A Flexible Option

WizzTree is one of the most flexible scanning programs available, as it can work with numerous variants. These include NTFS, FAT, FAT32 and network drives. In addition, all files can be sorted based off of descending size.Users can thereafter delete these folders or files if deemed appropriate. There is no charge to install this program.


  • The basic version of WizzTree is free to utilise.
  • This bundle is able to recognise and analyse all major types of hard drives.


  • This software only functions with Windows personal computers.
  • Files which contain viruses or formatting issues may not be detected.


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WizzTree 1.0 for PC


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